A Poem on Renewal

A Poem on Renewal

A slightly belated post I wrote while moving back in June:

Portland is currently 115 degrees as I pack up our house to move to California for graduate school - wild times! My friend and fellow Harry Potter fan fittingly compared operating in this level of heat to wearing a Horcrux. I'm trying to channel my inner Hermione even though I'm feeling a little more Ron Weasley-wearing-Slytherin's-locket level crabbiness. ;) 

Despite the tumult all around me, I was stopped in my tracks by Kara Swisher's commencement speech that ends with a Lucille Clifton poem. The poem deeply resonated with me as I embark on a new journey post cancer diagnosis.

“new bones”
we will wear
new bones again.
we will leave
these rainy days,
break out through
another mouth
into sun and honey time.
worlds buzz over us like bees,
we be splendid in new bones.
other people think they know
how long life is.
how strong life is.
we know.


A few other things I've enjoyed recently: 

 1. Ethan Hawke on why we need art and poetry :) 

"Do you think human creativity matters? Well, hmm. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about poetry. Right? They have a life to live, and they’re not really that concerned with Allen Ginsberg’s poems or anybody’s poems, until their father dies, they go to a funeral, you lose a child, somebody breaks your heart, they don’t love you anymore, and all of a sudden, you’re desperate for making sense out of this life, and, ‘Has anybody ever felt this bad before? How did they come out of this cloud?’
Or the inverse — something great. You meet somebody and your heart explodes. You love them so much, you can’t even see straight. You know, you’re dizzy. ‘Did anybody feel like this before? What is happening to me?’ And that’s when art’s not a luxury, it’s actually sustenance. We need it."

2. Rae Street by Courtney Barnett, my favorite quarantine jam to date.

Image from Rolling Stone

3. All of the Glennon Doyle pods but specifically this one on FUN and how internalized misogyny can make it difficult for women in particular to lose themselves in pure, joyous fun.

4. In the spirit of bringing more fun into my life, matching fits with my pup, Moa ;)

Cover Image from Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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