Badass Survivors Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Badass Survivors Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

This is the second post in a recurring series on badass cancer survivors. 

Today, I’d like to recognize the queen herself, Julia Louis-Dreyfus! JLD publicly announced her breast cancer diagnosis, lending her powerful voice to the breast cancer community. Early on in my treatment, I remember googling JLD based on a vague recollection of her announcement and feeling consoled and uplifted after reading her story. JLD beat breast cancer, went back to work on the final season of Veep, and was nominated for her 19th Emmy. 

Even perfect people get cancer,” says Nicole Holofcener, the writer-director who directed Louis-Dreyfus in 2013’s Enough Said. “And then we realize they are not perfect, they are human beings. I think she did us all a favor with that.” - Vanity Fair
Photos by Carter Smith from InStyle
"Storytelling is what keeps me motivated," she says. "A really good story, that you can sink your teeth into and help tell to the world, is, for me, the most inspiring way to live." - ET

Thank you Julia for your grace, verve, and storytelling. 

PS Elaine, I’ll always love you. 

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